Pupdate #3 (Updated)

(Update) All is well. Guess who fits in the puppy carry-on? mrs TBogg took Dog In A Bag to the airport and he passed the size test. Also she apologized to the counter people for being frantic, showed them why she was frantic (Him), and they went nuts over him. Best of all, he gets to travel with her so this is the best of all worlds.

Considering these fact, should she send me clear enough pictures, I will post a shot of him tonight. After that football game thing.


While rescheduling with United Airlines to leave of the quaint village of State College tomorrow, mrs TBogg has been assured repeatedly that there would be no problem bringing He of the Mysterious Name along with her. She has stated repeatedly that she would be bringing a puppy in a travel kennel with her and “would there be any problem?”, and the answer was always “Not at all”.

Today after spending several hours with the Puppy at Tait’s she stopped by the airport to  confirm her seating arrangements and was told, “No. The puppy can’t fly out” because of the cold. The problem, is that the people from United reservations on the phone are based elsewhere, presumably Dearborn. When she made her original arrangements to fly out she repeatedly explained to the young lady that she was flying to PA. to PICK UP A PUPPY.  When she confirmed two days before leaving, they had her taking a puppy with her from San Diego.


The latest issue is that the temperature is too low to safely transport him, even in the heated cargo area. We understand and appreciate this. But you have the right hand and the left hand not communicating with each other and, ultimately, us left holding the bag. Add to the fact that the counter people at United Express were, to put it nicely, abrupt and unhelpful even when all she was asking for was suggestions or alternatives, and now mrs TBogg is now a very unhappy and frustrated camper.

So… our next plan of attack is to get a doggy carry-on bag and hope that he fits the parameters for small dog. Plus-side, he weighs less than the maximum. Downside, 17 inches maximum in length which means we might be barking up the wrong breed, to coin a phrase. At this moment, mrs tbogg is getting the bag, then heading to Tait’s to pick up Mr. He Better Be Worth All of This, and then taking him down to the airport to get someone IN WRITING to approve him for in-cabin travel tomorrow. (UPDATE): According to a text I just received, he fits perfectly into the carrier.

Worst case, is we may have to wait to have him shipped out to us in the next week or two.

He has become a very expensive dog.  He better poop krugerands or something.

And here’s your puppy picture:  Baby Beckham the day we brought him home. He was about eight weeks at the time. The new boy will be about twelve weeks when he gets here…with any luck at all.

I will update as stuff happens. Or doesn’t.

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