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Commercials of Super Bowls Past and Open Thread

I awoke to a clear, sunny cold morning here in Maine- rubbed my little sleepy eyes- knew there was something good to remember about today…

And then it hit me-  Oh yippee skippee; it’s Super Bowl Morning!

Understand, this today is MY big holiday of the year- and while I am a lifelong and 3rd generation NY Giants fan (no easy task north of Foxborough MA, home of the New England Patriots), today is always a day I look forward to all year.

So, there will probably be a few football-related posts today, as I know I’m by far not the only football fan here on the Blend!

Looking directly at YOU, Kate and Pam!

 But- not everyone is a football fan (!!!) and not everyone as a kid goes up to Santa and asks for a football. Go figure…

In fact, Snooky and I once hosted a small Super Bowl party where one of the guests, a dear friend and co-worker of mine, arrived carrying a tray of mini-quiches, S’mores fixings, and a book to read while the game was on- he did not like football at all- just wanted to drink beer and watch the commercials.

To each his or her own…

That said, lemme share a link to archived past commercials for perusal.

And to start it off, here’s one of my faves


Morning open thread time! 🙂

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