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Isn't it a shame when the kidnappers of children get no respect?

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Poor Lisa Miller.

What is this world coming to when a woman who breaks the law and kidnaps her child to keep her away from the other parent (who has never done anything to harm the child) can't get a fair shake from the media?

At least that's what our “friend” Peter LaBarbera and Lifesite News thinks about the Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller custody case:

Janet Jenkins, a practicing lesbian who was once in a “civil union” with ex-lesbian Lisa Miller, is conducting a media campaign to locate Miller’s seven-year-old daughter in an attempt to gain custody of the child.

Miller’s daughter, Isabella, was conceived via artificial insemination during the pair’s relationship, and has no biological relationship with Jenkins. Miller disappeared with Isabella in December, apparently in an effort to prevent a Vermont judge from transferring custody of her child to Jenkins.

But Jenkins is doing numerous interviews with mainstream media outlets, ostensibly in an effort to locate Isabella (described by Jenkins in one interview as “my child”), which are uncritically repeating her charges against Miller, while failing to mention Miller’s charges against Jenkins – -including that her relationship with Jenkins was abusive.

This ridiculous post recounts an interview that Miller gave to Lifesite News accusing Jenkins of abusive behavior. Of course the post omits the fact that the allegations were investigated by Virginia's Child Protective Services and deemed as “unfounded.”

But the main sticking point here is that both LaBarbera and Lifesite News is trying to garner sympathy for Miller. To them, she is the “victim of a media campaign out to demonize her.”

But hasn't Miller demonized herself in the eyes of the public by kidnapping Isabella?

I'm sure the media would love to get her side of the story but seeing that she has gone into hiding instead of following the law, speaking to her would be difficult, wouldn't it?

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