plowing throgh Chuck Todd's tweets

plowing throgh Chuck Todd's tweets

Last December 9th, when temps in the upper midwest were in the negative teens (or worse), when the winds were howling along at hurricane strength in some places, when the snowfall was being measured in feet, and when all of Iowa and large parts of Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan were under a blizzard warning, Chuck Todd was not impressed.

Attaturk had a rather pointed reply: You can go to hell, Chuck Todd.

Fast forward eight weeks . . .

I think Chuck may be arriving at that destination, Attaturk. He’s a Miami native, after all, and something tells me that the “not news” event like the one DC is having right now is a Miami native’s worst nightmare.

From the Washington Post’s update page on the storm:

The pounding continues; No more Dulles flights

10:17 a.m. ROUNDUP: Dulles airport joins Reagan National in ending flight operations. We’re still facing about 8 more hours of accumulating snow, with some especially heavy bands this morning. Power outages are widespread and growing, with heavy snow weighing on power lines and winds kicking up. Latest reports have more than 210,000 without power in the region. . . .

There were white-out conditions everywhere. Cameras showed I-270 south of Clarksburg was invisible in the snow, a condition prevalent throughout the region.

9:50 a.m. — Bethesda streets lose power . . .

9:30 a.m. — Hangar roof at Dulles collapses . . .

8:45 a.m. — Postal Service surrenders . . .

8:33 — The Smithsonian is closed.
That almost never happens. . . .

Blizzards are news where ever they happen. Events are canceled and businesses closed. Emergency services are desperately needed, but hard to deliver or reach. People with homes are stuck in them, and people without homes die.

Chuck, the next time you pop off about “not news” events, I hope you remember all the “not news” you’re getting today.

[UPDATE: Chuck waves the white flag.]

photo taken this morning in the DC area by Jonathan Bruck



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