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Come Saturday Morning: So What Asinine Thing Did Michele Bachmann Do This Week?

bachmannAh, Michele Bachmann. If anyone needs proof of the validity of the Daily Kos poll where movement Republicans boast of what callous, heartless, bigoted and delusional folk they are, just know this: Michele Bachmann is one of their biggest heroes right now. In fact, no less a conservative celebrity than George Will says that she’s “an authentic representative of the Republican base”. Just when it seemed that the Hill was getting less crazy with the forced retirement of the unspeakable Katherine Harris, Our Miss Michele pushes the insanity factor up to eleven.

Is there a stupid and/or crazy stance out there that she hasn’t taken yet? Or wacky kowtowing to an equally-wacky base she hasn’t done yet? There’s her palling around at CPAC with absentee governor and would-be president Smilin’ Tim Pawlenty, each competing to outdo the other in terms of proposals detrimental to the people yet pleasing to the crazy GOP base. Then there’s her vote to protect the bonuses of AIG executives — wow, how fiscally prudent of her. Not. And there’s her ladycrush on Sarah Palin, no slouch herself in the batshit-crazy department: “There is absolutely no one more in tune with the hearts and minds of everyday Americans than Governor Palin, and I’m excited to welcome her back to our beautiful state this spring.”

Lists of her bons mots abound, though I must say that my own personal favorite example of her craziness is her rabid hatred of the US Census, a stance so bizarre it even freaks out Glenn Beck, allegedly because it’s a supposed violation of privacy. Ironically enough, her telling Minnesotans not to fill out the census might be her undoing, because Minnesota is on the verge of losing a Congressional District if it has a poor census showing — and the district that vanishes may well be hers. Even more ironically, if you give money to her ACU Strikeforce pals, your name and contact info are given out to lots of other conservative groups eager to shake you down for more cash. What was that about privacy concerns again, Michele?

Geez. No wonder her staff has such high turnover.

Of course, if the residents of the Sixth District ever decide that they want representation and not a comedy act, they could dump Bachmann for somebody like this lady, Tarryl Clark. She’s nowhere near as funny as Bachmann — at least not unintentionally so — but she actually cares about governance, which would be a welcome novelty for the Seasick Sixth.

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