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Baptist Group in Texas Want a Bible (CD or otherwise) In Every Home By Easter

Too bad, if you believe in another faith other than Christianity in Texas or like me have no faith whatsoever!

You’re gonna get your Bible and LIKE IT!

DALLAS – The largest state Baptist group in the nation wants Christ’s message of hope heard in every home in Texas – about 9 million of them – by Easter.

That’s a challenge in a state as big and diverse as Texas, where more than a third of households speak a language other than English. Besides Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog and Chinese are increasingly heard.

The Baptist General Convention of Texas is promoting a multilingual, multimedia CD that allows folks to listen to key biblical passages in their native language.

It’s part of a three-pronged campaign dubbed Texas Hope 2010 to convey what “we really believe; that there’s hope in Christ,” said Randel Everett, the Baptist group’s executive director.

“I really think that people need to hear the Gospel in their heart language, whether they read and understand English or not, people need to know that God speaks their language,” Everett said.

This is offensive- and frightening. Same as we saw with FauxNews Brit Hume’s calling for Tiger Woods to climb aboard the Christianity wagon- waving off the fact that Tiger is a Buddist, as Hume apparently doesn’t see that a true faith- we’re seeing an entire STATE’S diversified population being bombarded by one church’s fanaticism.

The International Hindu Association is in Carrollton, TX (just north of Dallas), which promotes itself as “Where Connections Happen”.

Not anymore, if the Texas Hope 2010 folk get their way!

But this isn’t the most ambition or frightening story- a group in Georgia has far loftier ambitions.

In Alpharetta, Ga., the North American Mission Board, which is tied to the Southern Baptist Convention, recently launched an initiative to share the Gospel with everyone in North America, but they’re taking 10 years to do it and it’s not CD-centric.

Lest we forget what the SBC believes…

THIS. Tie this with the recent SCOTUS decision allowing big bucks into our election process unchecked and NOW are ya nervous about living in the “United Theocracy of America”?

Baptist, natch- “what other religion IS there?”

I’ve said it before and I will repeat: Freedom OF religion has to include freedom FROM religion.

But now it seems we have to add a definition of the word “freedom” to include all personal matters of existence as well…

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