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Top Coward Bachmann Fear-Mongers the Solid Citizens of Minnesota.

If you live in Minnesota, you may recently have been exposed to a letter from ACU STRIKEFORCE, written by Michele Bachmann. She begins it with a "Dear Fellow Conservative", ends it with a "Sincerely", and fills the body with the type of plutocratic, fear-mongering, propaganda that would have made Joseph McCarthy proud, and, probably more than a little afraid for his own safety.

I decided to read this letter all the way through, and even though I am familiar with rhetoric bordering on psychosis, nothing could have prepared me for the artful, deliberate, and fraudulent description of President Obama’s policies in this letter. Here are just a few examples:

Obama’s plans will do nothing less than socialize our economy and turn every citizen into a ward of the state.


Obama is advancing a far-left agenda of Socialized Medicine, government takeover of the private sector, higher taxes, increased welfare spending, censorship of conservative talk radio, and empowerment of radical community groups.


Obama is a political street fighter who learned the rules of politics from the Democrats’ Chicago Machine.



That’s the purpose behind ObamaCare, too.

But nothing grabbed my attention like this line:

Despite what some doom-and-gloomers have been saying, there is still real hope.

What Gloom and Doomers would they be, Michele? Would they be you?

Michele Bachmann ought to be ashamed of this letter. I realize that politicians like to use rhetoric to define their opponents more clearly, but this letter goes way beyond the usual exaggerative rhetoric, and enters into an area that would be more suitable for a Quetin Tarantino film. To say that this is fear mongering is almost to say not nearly enough. Bachmann is inciting fear for the purposes of lining her PAC’S pockets. And if she really is that frightened of President Obama, do Minnesotans really want her "protecting" them? How can such a coward be effective, unless you call playing on the fears of normal Americans "effective" governing?

I call it cowardice. I call it hiding from the real issues of the day. I call it just another example of someone in the Republican party painting as horrible a picture of an opponent as they can to distract their constituents from their lack of any REAL ideas or substance.

And that is my last point in this post. If you took the time to read Bachmann’s letter, you noticed by now that there were absolutely no ideas in it; just accusations and fear mongering.


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