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kindGSL: Here’s Your Chance

In reply to my diary "Cherry-Picking the Constitution" came the following comment, from "kindGSL"…

The world is a lot bigger and wider place than you imagine.

“Teabaggers” is a sexual slur and I have asked folks here before not to use it. Obviously you missed my request.

The whole TEA Party thing was my idea, before that it was the Ron Paulers. I told everybody I had a plan to end the drug war but that they would have to get involved in politics. I have been blogging it in the comments at AlterNet for years.

I am a girl scout leader and annoyingly, a brilliant problem solver. When I looked into the drug war I discovered it was a hot war based on ethnic cleansing. That was too much for me so I spent four months and about 1/8 oz of pot putting together a plan to end it. It is a holy war.

I knew it was a political problem and it would need a political solution. Politics is a game I know like other people know baseball or soccer.

‘Media’ does not want to give me credit with the obvious result that people like you are kept completely ignorant of the facts.

I’d like to help you out, kindGSL, and yes, I’m sincere. If you’ve got the facts to back up your claim, this is your invitation to get the hearing that you’ve been denied.

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel