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US Chamber of Commerce Again Preemptively Thanks Blanche Lincoln for Opposing Employee Free Choice Act

The US Chamber of Commerce is again thanking Senator Blanche Lincoln for opposing the Employee Free Choice Act before it even comes up for a vote.  The following half-page ad ran in Wednesday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.


The ad’s headline boasts “90% of Arkansans AGREE with Senator Lincoln,” and quotes an article from The Hill about Lincoln’s apparent concerns about the legislation, as well as numbers from a summer poll commissioned by the Chamber showing apparent opposition to how the Chamber described the Employee Free Choice Act.  Finally, the Chamber’s ad encourages Arkansans to “thank Senator Blanche Lincoln for standing firm against ‘compromises’ on the Employee Free Choice Act.”

The Chamber ran a similar ad in July in which it also urged readers to thank Lincoln for her opposition to the bill.  At the time, TPM noted that Arkansas GOPers were frustrated by the ad, calling it “first-class butt kissing.”

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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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