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Sherrod Brown Endorses Fixing The Broken Senate, Changing The Rules On Filibuster

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) came out in support of Sen. Tom Udall’s (D-NM) effort to change the Senate’s rules to fix the dysfunctional institution and restore majority rule:

Rachel Maddow: Is it your sense that your caucus, the Democrats in the Senate are will to look at a reining in the filibuster through a rules. Doing something else to break this super majority stranglehold.

Sherrod Brown: Well there is serious interest in that. As you know Sen. Udall who talked about on your show last week is very interested in doing that. A lot of us are following his lead. Progressive don’t understand how 58 Democrats and two independents that mostly lean Democratic can’t get this down because of the Senate rules. This is a dysfunctional set of rules. . . .

We are the only Democratic country in the world I think that has a supermajority requirement to change the status quo and the status quo always protects the most affluent and the most privileged and that is why it is so important to change these rules so that ultimately a majority would actually rule in this country.

The abuse of the filibuster has grown out of control. Last year saw more cloture votes than all of the 1950s and ’60s combined. The essentially standing Republican filibuster on everything has slowed the Senate to a crawl and forced multiple cloture votes for even mundane matters that end up passing by huge margins.

To learn more about Tom Udall’s strategy to change the Senate rules read his diary on that matter, which he posted on Daily Kos.

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Jon Walker

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