How Ted Leo Rolls

The New York Times carries a story about the social scourge of Scotland: Buckfast, the 15-percent alcohol wine packed with caffeine favored by Glaswegian wild(wo)men. You and I know it through Ted Leo’s 2007 reminiscence-filled ode. But what does the stuff taste like?

To the neophyte sampler, it evokes a thick, sweet wine — sherry, perhaps — fortified with cola and Vivarin.

“Have you ever tried Benalyn cough syrup?” asked Sharon Macauley, a sales assistant at G & B’s Newsbox general store, which does a brisk business in Buckfast.

Ted is on that sizzurp! Sort of! This is the opposite of kryptonite, apparently: rather than slowing your roll, the caffeine accelerates it. It’s like Kryptonite and an infusion of radiation from the Yellow Sun of Earth. Whatever it is, it sounds absolutely disgusting.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman