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Andrew Breitbart Profiled by Totally Biased, Government-Owned EmmEssEmm

Andrew-Breitbart-(edit)It must be wingnut week on NPR, because they followed up yesterday’s teabagger story with a piece on Big Wannabe, who tells them that he hates hates hates NPR.

“They want to control the narrative,” Breitbart says. “I’m saying, ‘No more!’ The new media has freed it up. I’m sorry, mainstream media. It’s over. Your ability to control the narrative is over.

Also, he hates hates hates the GE-owned MSNBC and the neoconservative WaPo.

MSNBC and The Washington Post, you know, go nuts trying to grant terrorists at a time of war all of the rights under the world, while James O’Keefe gets arrested … and they’re already framing him,” Breitbart says.

And he hates hates hates the entertainment industry.

Breitbart came by that knowledge through hard-won experience. He’s a native Angelino and hung around Hollywood, but was turned off by what he says is its smothering liberalism.

And he invented the Huffington Post. Also.

Through Drudge, he met and worked as a researcher for Arianna Huffington while she was a conservative columnist. That meant he also helped launch the liberal Huffington Post after her political transformation.

Help me out here, armchair psychologists.

Based on what you see here, Big Wannabe is suffering from a) delusions of grandeur b) a martyr complex c) paranoid personality disorder or d) all of the above.

(PS. And no, wingnuts, this post isn’t proof that Big Wannabe “must be doing something right” or that “we must be scared” of him.)

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