Success has many fathers, while failure results in a cushy job

To be re-circulated which is very green of them.

Someone pointed out in comments earlier that one of the 5Bros (Tagg in this instance) has started up a little thing called  Solamere Capital which has become a sort of halfway house for future Romney 2012 operatives until  Mitt completes work on his satellite-based Mormonz-B-Gonz memory erasing ray-gun which will make Americans forget that Mitt is a… well, something. I forget. But look at those shoulders, you could land a 737 on them.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so there’s this place called Solamere Capital and now it appears that it has also become a safe house for warehousing eMeg Whitman’s douche bag son while she runs for governor of  the soon to be eCalifornia (after the naming rights are sold).

Whitman doesn’t like to draw attention to son Griff. After all, he was suspended from Princeton and has a reputation for entitled belligerence when drinking. Yet she’s publicly funneling money to Solamere Capital LLC where, last time we checked, Harsh worked as an “analyst.” According to newly released campaign expenditure filings, Whitman For Governor 2010 spent $96,000 with Solamere in four months


That’s especially odd because Solamere Capital is not a political consulting firm. It pitches itself as an investment firm focused on private equity. It had reportedly raised close to $200 million as of June, and counts former Walmart CEO Lee Scott among its partners.

Here’s all you need to know about Griff Harsh V (really, I am not kidding with that name):

Overheard at Charter [eating club]

Griff Harsh (Meg Whitman’s son) throws beer in Guy’s face.
Guy: You can’t do that to people.
Griff Harsh (points at himself): Billionaire.

So, yeah. Douche bag.

But, wait! There’s more! I think there is a bit of resume inflation going on over at Solamere. Founder Spencer Zwick it seems is, like, the greatest fundraiser in Republican history:

Spencer has spent the past seven years building the Solamere network while working directly with Governor Mitt Romney in both the public and private sectors. At Romney for President, Spencer was the youngest person in history to hold the position of National Finance Director for a presidential campaign. In that capacity, Spencer created and managed a team of 100 senior executives and 75 staff in one of the most successful fundraising efforts in the history of Republican politics.

Last I looked, Mitt Romney raised almost $63 million to wrap up that third place finish (Bronze Medal! High five!). Of that $62+ million, over $17 million came from…. Mitt Romney, which means that better than 1 out of every 4 dollars came out of Mitt’s wallet which Mitt obviously must have left on the dresser unattended.

Apparently “senior executives ” and “staff” is MBA-speak for ninjas so you should use those terms on your  resume instead of listing your last job as “ninja”. You’ll totally get the job.

Unless you’re applying for a ninja position…

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