Actress Selene Luna, who co-starred in VH1's The Cho Show alongside Margaret Cho, supports a 2010 repeal of Proposition 8. She can be seen in Restore Equality 2010s video to help promote their major Statewide Day of Action on Saturday, February 6th that will be occurring in various cities across the state. Volunteers will be coming together in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in addition to smaller cities like Bakersfield, Chico, and Fresno. To see a full list of event locations, go to Restore Equality 2010’s facebook event page by CLICKING HERE.

“The reason that marriage equality is so important to me, well not only for the obvious reasons that every tax paying American citizen should have equal rights across the board, I don't care who you are, but the gay community is very near and dear to me,” said Selene Luna. “As a little person, I experience discrimination every day of my life. and I probably always will, but the gay community has single handedly been the only group of people that have always been there for me without question and without judgement, and that is why I'm here for them today.”

In addition to co-starring in The Cho Show, Selene Luna has also been in various movies such as Van Helsing and My Bloody Valentine 3D, and has been in numerous TV shows including the Fox Sketch Comedy Show and Mad TV.

CLICK HERE to see the video message from Selene Luna that also promotes the Statewide Day of Action occurring this Saturday, February 6th in various locations across California.

How about it everyone? Will you be showing up this weekend to help out? I’ll be there and I hope you’ll be there to join me!


For those of you that live outside of California and want to help out in another way, or even if you're showing up this weekend, but want to do something extra, please donate to the campaign by going to the donate page of Restore Equality 2010's website.  Your donation of $10, $20 or even $100 could really help the campaign pull off a successful event this weekend. Your money will be used on this like marketing the event and paying for supplies. 

Eric Ross

Eric Ross


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