Pelosi re-kills the Public Option

The Polis/Pingree Public Option letter is rapidly gaining signers, now more than 100. 51 Senators support the public option, a fact Pelosi acknowledges. The House has of course already passed the public option. And they could pass it in the Senate through reconciliation, just like they did in creating SCHIP.

But instead, Nancy Pelosi just said the public option is dead, as she has been fond of saying in the last week. She’s still claiming "I myself think that I did a very heavy lift on the public option, very enthusiastically," but now she’s dropping it like it’s hot. Worse, she can’t give any plausible reason. She keeps saying "the Senate didn’t include it" in their original bill, but that has nothing to do with adding it into the reconciliation sidecar. Pelosi and the House may have done much more for the public option thus far than the Senate or White House, but if they’re just going to drop it now without even pressing for a vote on it, I think Pelosi deserves almost as much blame for killing the public option as the rest of the Democratic "leaders."

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