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Our Political Situation In A Nutshell

Graphic by Superpoop

Graphic by Superpoop

Kos summarizes the findings of the poll he commissioned on the Republican base:

Their base are conspiracy mongers who don’t believe Obama was born in the United States, that he is the second coming of Lenin, and that he is racist against white people. They already want to impeach him despite the glaringly obvious lack of high crimes or misdemeanors.

Republicans – and most of the media – act as if these anti-science, homophobic paranoids are perfectly reasonable people whose well-developed ideas should be respected and carefully listened to.  At worst, they might consider them lovably cantankerous, like an eccentric uncle who blurts out wacky unpredictable things.

Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats – and most of the media – act as if their base are unclean, raving lunatics whose nonsensical fringe notions must be watered down or repudiated so they don’t scare the rest of America away.  Instead of an eccentric uncle, we’re treated more like a deformed freak who has to be kept chained in the basement so the neighbors won’t see.

Okay, I understand that the Republicans should listen to their base because, well, they’re their base and they can’t win without them.  Plus they’re probably a little scared of them – I know I would be.

But if only one political party’s base gets to be taken seriously, does it really have to be the one that parades around with pictures of the President Of The United States dressed as a witch doctor?  When did crazy become sane and sane become crazy?

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