For those wishing Obama would debate progressives, here’s your chance…

Obama’s debate last week with House Republicans got wide, well-deserved attention. In it, a President defended his policies in a smart, cogent way, something he should have been doing all year. Obama came off sounding well-reasoned and strong, and Republicans came off sounding accusatory and distracted. Now, if only he follows through on his promises…

A few folks here wondered aloud why Obama wasn’t going to have a similar kind of back-and-forth with progressives (or grownups, as Scarecrow puts it). Well, you just might get your chance:

After sparring with House Republicans Friday on policy matters, President Obama will appear before a far more friendly audience later this week.

The president on Saturday will headline the Democratic National Committee’s Winter Meeting – an annual gathering of political insiders and grassroots activists who make up the core of the national party, CNN has learned.

If you know folks who are going to the winter meeting – these people are typically local party leaders, local activists, and the like – maybe you should prompt them with a couple of questions you’d like to see the President answer. Or you could leave them in the comments here. Or both!

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