FDL-work-here-nowAs I mentioned last week, Firedoglake has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months. Our independent coverage of hot-button issues — from Jon Walker’s analysis of health care reform, to the unbelievable liveblogging of the Prop 8 trial by Marcy Wheeler, Teddy Partridge and David Dayen — has greatly expanded our audience, and presented new chances, and new challenges, for us to serve our community.

And so, we continue to seek the best and brightest to fill two great employment opportunities here at Firedoglake, which you can check out by visiting our jobs page. One opening is for a DC Political Reporter, who will have the exciting privilege of being our full-time political correspondent on Capitol Hill. The other is for a Deputy Managing Editor, who will coordinate, edit, and publish content from our wonderful team of writers.

Those of you who have already submitted your letters, resumes and writing samples–thank you! We are currently reviewing your applications. The process is still open, however, so we encourage all qualified applicants to jump to the jobs page, and get in the mix. We are especially interested in hearing from DC residents with journalism experience.

On behalf of the rest of the FDL team, I invite you all to check out our job postings and apply. We look forward to reviewing potential candidates over the next few weeks.

Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine