Breaking! A Month of Interrogation Works Better than Waterboarding Someone 183 Times

As Admiral Mullen just testified to Congress, Underwear Bomber Umar Abdulmutallab has been cooperating with the FBI.

The blood-thirsty right, of course, has been screaming all month that Abdulmutallab wasn’t taken immediately to a military facility to be tortured interrogated harshly.

That blood-thirst has always felt rather weird to me. Unlike all the others that the torture industry has made an exhaustive effort to sufficiently dehumanize such that we (or rather they) could all cheer torture, I have a tougher time doing that with Abdulmutallab. I know that Abdulmutallab is at this very minute less than twenty miles away from me (and for two days, he was just a few miles from my house). And even with that proximity, he just doesn’t feel like that big a threat to me right now.

Maybe that’s one reason they’ve been screaming for his torture, to make sure we don’t start to normalize the thought of these people in normal prisons.

Or maybe, they wanted to prevent precisely what has occurred. That is, in response to–presumably–normal FBI interrogation, Abdulmutallab has resumed cooperating with investigators.

They didn’t need to waterboard him!

Surprise, surprise. A month of interrogation works better than a month of waterboarding.

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