The Republican Plot: A Banker and Wall Street Takeover of America

Ever since Banks that are supposedly too big to fail, and Wall Street, fried the American economy in 2008, Republicans have sided with their Corporate Sugar Daddies. Case in point; The Republican plot to obstruct Wall Street and Bank Reform legislation by voting "no" in lockstep in the Senate. Already, we see prominent Republicans like John Boehner and Lamar Alexander whining over tax breaks for small businesses, while defending their real constituents, Banks and Wall Street. Boehner has repeatedly bashed the Consumer Protection Legislation in the Senate, while Lamar Alexander will tell anyone who listens that only Banks and large corporations can jumpstart an economy. Never mind that this route has never worked even once; with Republicans, the truth is only as far away as the nearest unicorn.

But let’s look at the plot, if we are going to call it such. In 2001 and 2003, the Republican party passed legislation giving Banks, Wall Street, large corporations, and the very wealthy the largest tax cuts in our history. Why? Their justification was that by cutting taxes on these groups, the American economy would soar. Flash forward to the present, and we see that didn’t work very. But Republicans, never quitters, insist that the Bush tax cuts be made permanent, and that Bank and Wall Street regulation reform isn’t necessary. In fact, they insist that the less we regulate them, the better off America will be.

So we find ourselves in the candy store that is the American Economy, and on the Oldies but Goodies shelf, we find Bank Bailout Bubble Gum; under a sign that says, "when our bubble pops, just buy more of our gum." Clear across the aisle, we find Gummy Bear Market, where Wall Street firms can be heard telling America, "we’re really just a bunch of softies…really". And near the Checkout Counter, be sure to pick up some Credit Default Swap Cards, sponsored by AIG, right next to the Wall Street trading cards. You won’t find a stick of gum in every pack, but you might find a promissory note for $170 Billion.

Wall Street, and Banks, those thrifty geniuses of the American Economy, just want us to know that they can be trusted to police themselves. Their friends, the Republicans, are helping them spread their message. They are already calling any attempt to regulate banks and Wall Street a …wait for it…"Government Takeover of Banks". Now that wasn’t so hard to guess, was it?

I have a saying; Those who accuse it are usually the ones who are planning it. The Republicans are planning a Banker and Wall Street takeover of America. Are you going to stand still and allow this?

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends. Make it so that Republicans cannot even breathe without hearing about their plot for a Banker and Wall Street Takeover of America. All of the evidence point this way, and you know what they say; where there is smoke, there is fire.

Republicans are planning to allow banks and Wall Street to take over America. Get it?

Spread it.

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