Scott Brown is (NOT) My Naked Playtoy


The first thing I think when I see these bendy toys of politicians is voodoo. But I’m just drawn that way…

Then I think action figure doll party where you can dress them up make them say and do whatever you want. Oh wait, that’s voodoo. Or  being a big donor.

Anyway, now there are three Scott Brown actions figures, including a naked, adults-only version that is

anatomically correct

Wait, did he model for that too? Like Ted Haggard!?

And speaking of his days as a nude model for Cosmopolitan, Brown told Barbara Walters

the steamy shots gave him the exposure he needed to launch a public career.

“I was 22 years old there and thrust in the spotlight because of what I did with the Cosmo thing”

Get it..thrust? Wow, Scott, nice use of sexual innuendo and double entendre. Hope that helps you on the Senate floor…

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