Next stop: TebowlandWe have entered the  soft bigotry of lowered expectations portion of the  Tim Tebow career arc. He has gone from The Greatest College Player in the History of the Universe to potential third string tight end in Buffalo to Special Needs Quarterback. At a Senior Bowl where the quarterbacks were rated third rounders or below, ESPN’s Todd McShay rated Tebow the fifth or sixth best quarterback there. There were only six quarterbacks.

Deadspin sees him headed to the CFL:

I’m not saying Tebow’s negotiations with the Montreal Alouettes are evidence he will wash out of the draft, then head north to play football. I’m just saying the CFL pays better than the UFL.

Marc Trestman has been a QB coach for eight different NFL teams, so it’s no surprise that Tebow has been working with him in advance of the NFL draft. But Trestman currently happens to be the head coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.

As a consequence of their association, the Alouettes’ have added Tebow to their “confidential negotiation list,” meaning that should he ever join the CFL, they have an exclusive option on his rights.

Now, while this is standard operating procedure, it’s fun to speculate on Tebow’s future, and extra fun when that future involves flunking out of America altogether.

This is good news for Pat Forde since this will allow him to follow Tebow to Upper Northern Canadia where gaymarrying is legal.

Meanwhile CNN/SI’s Peter King moves to a seat closer to the emergency exit door on the Tebow bandwagon:

I think I understand, and appreciate, the strident feelings on each side of the Tim Tebow argument. And I saw a good chunk of the Senior Bowl Saturday, and saw the same things you did. Tebow is noticeably slow in his mechanics and footwork. In his plodding performance, Tebow showed he’ll need a redshirt year in the NFL to get his game up to speed with the rest of the league. “I think he needs to be stripped down completely, like a 12-year-old kid in Pop Warner, and rebuilt as a quarterback,” said ESPN’s Todd McShay, probably the harshest critic of Tebow.

I don’t argue with those who say he’s got miles to go to be a good NFL player, but I do argue with those who say it’s impossible. I remember doing a draft story on the 49ers when Bill Walsh was still in power, and him telling me, “I’m a great believer in prior performance with players. If a kid was great in high school, he’ll usually be good in college. If he’s good in college, he’ll usually make the grade in the NFL.” Tebow’s will is going to serve him well. You know what might be good for him? A redshirt year in the NFL in 2010, then, if the league has a job action in 2011, a year playing in the United Football League for seasoning in 2012 with a coach like former Giants QB coach Chris Palmer.

We are used to seeing football players require remedial help with their college coursework. A three year starter needing remedial work on football is just sad.

And funny.

But mostly sad.



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