Good News is Still Around

Good news is still around

We have been getting a little bad news of late, and I and many others responded by warning that far worse might be yet to come.

However, there is also a lot of good news. Think of how much both the image of this country and how it really behaves improved since Obama has become President. It wasn’t more than a year or two ago when the homeless were despised by some and subject to arrest just because they had nowhere to go.

Think of all the either desire or fear many Americans felt about the possibility of a war with Iran.

Here in Philadelphia, Sister Mary Scullion of Project Home has just been appointed to the Independent Ethics Board. I remember back when Governor Rendell was Mayor of Philadelphia, when he had License and Inspection harass church kitchens if the church members were handing out sandwiches on the street. Sandwiches had to be made in suburban church kitchens and trucked into Philadelphia.

We are suddenly, thanks to Obama, a lot more tolerance between blacks and whites and when it comes to Hispanics just a few years ago some communities were trying to zone immigrants away. So I think, maybe, there is even less prejudice on that issue as well.

I posted several places of impending doom as the wing nuts seize the Republican Party then the country as well, even managed to compare today’s events with events in Germany in the 30’s. But I think the good news is a lot more present, and even more so if we start celebrating it again.

Let’s spread and post the following links and information all over the internet, and in our face to face encounters as well.

Think of how much more tolerant of the homeless we are today than last year. The following link is from bad news in the past an AP report in the Beaver County Times Page 6 center right about then Mayor Rendell pressuring people to not give out sandwiches to the homeless. Sometimes when you click on the link one gets the entire page and sometimes just the article excerpt.,316986

Richard Kane

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