Barbara Walters, who has had sex with every Senator from Massachusetts since 1927, took time out from that lady thing she does during the week  and requested that Senator MassDreamy be bathed and perfumed and brought to her tent for an “interview”:


When Barbara Walters, in her EXCLUSIVE This Week interview, asked Brown if he’d rule out a 2012 run, he said he found it humbling, but he wouldn’t say no.

Republicans sure are an affectionate lot. All it takes is a wink and a pretty face and the next thing you know they’re writing Mrs. First Lady Current Object of My Affection with little hearts dotting the i’s inside their Pee Chee binders when they’re not coloring in the football player to make him…you know, burnt umber. Unfortunately, it’s a long way to 2012 and there seems to be a new fresh face popping up almost each day to masturbate to .. pledge undying love to .. incorporate their likeness into an awesome tramp stamp also featuring a crying American Eagle and the Twin Towers ..warrant serious consideration as a viable candidate who might possibly lead the free world and not blow it up because the the Rapture isn’t coming fast enough. The problem is that desperate Republican fanboys/girls are quite impulsive and fickle when it comes to the immediate object of their desire and, if we have learned anything in the past couple of years, it is that they are easily smitten but don’t stay, um,  smitten-ed. Or smoted.

One of those.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....