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OR Republics encourage violence

Here we go again. Republics are encouraging violence against people who disagree with them. See for yourself. It’s the facebook page for the Republic Party of Washington Co., in Oregon. They’re in the suburbs of Portland.

The small, red figure is holding a gun to the head of the blue figure, because it thinks the blue figure is a socialist. Oregon republics are upset because the voters chose to raise taxes on the wealthy and large corporations by passing Measures 66 & 67 this past week. (You didn’t hear much about that on the national news did you? Not like the voters of Massachusetts. But I digress.)

The event is a Town Hall meeting of Democratic representatives. This Republic group wants their members to go to a meeting of Democratic legislators, and used a violent graphic on their event page to promote it. Nice. Work people up, get them angry, and send them to the other parties events. The meeting was on Thursday, and apparently no one was shot, this time. Who knows what will happen next time.

Is this the bipartisan cooperation the Republics keep demanding? Really? Let’s tell the Washington Co. Republic party to grow up and act responsibly. Contact them at, or call them at 503.922.1678. Their main webpage is here.

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