Woopity doo. Obama won a debate over the Republicans. You see it all over FDL, Huffingtonpost, AP, OpenLeft, ThinkProgress, DailyKos, all the main progressive websites.

For the less astute political observers, it looks like Obama did a 360 slam dunk on these sorry fools. But it’s painfully obvious that this was just another diversion to help boost Obama’s "grown-up" meme. We just spent the last decade living the Republican Wet Dream. Massive tax cuts for the rich, massive give-aways for the corporations, gargantuan bailouts for AIG, Goldman Sucks on taxpayer dimes no less, two illegal wars and counting, illegal torture and rendition, douchebags like Bush and Cheny living like kings instead of in prison, and shit for the poor and middle class. So no it wasn’t going to be hard to debate a group of retarded morons about the best policies for america.

My dog could take a piece of crap in response to a Republican talking point and that piece of crap would be as good as a response as anything Obama said.

Let’s put it another way. Why do football teams stack their pre-season schedule against lower division crap opponents? So that they can get some good competition and learn something? Or is it so that they can destroy the opponent, win by 70-14, and look really good for their BCS rankings? Duh. Obama is like the Ohio State of politics. Play crappy teams to look good, but can’t handle the snuff by having real debates.

How about debating all of the progressive groups that have been eating shit since getting him elected? How about debating why the hell Guantanamo still isn’t closed? Why the Iraq War is still going? Why the defense budget is growing and not open for discussion? Why he took single-payer off the table even before the debates were started? Why he dropped any public option? Why he negotatied in secret with Pharma and dropped the Dorgan reimportation amendment? Why he still allows rendition, torture, illegal wiretapping, immunity for telecom domestic spying, why he’s authorized assasinations of US citizens, why he’s freezing domestic "discretionary spending" e.g. social public services, why he wants a douchebag like Bernanke to continue helming the Fed? Why is Obama such a 180-degree douchebag?

Try debating some grown-ups like Jane Hamsher. Now that would be a real debate.