Federal Air Marshals: Problems Beyond "Buckwheat," "Pickle Smokers," & Trans Discrimination?

How does one frame this latest story from WTSP (Orlando, Florida) about the Federal Air Marshals (FAMS) — the one entitled Air marshals say system a complete failure, another 9/11 could happen (with video: here)?

Does one frame the piece in terms of how FAMS spell out in specifics throughout the article and video how another 9/11 could happen?

Does one frame it in terms of how that Jeopardy Board we reported on Saturday (January 30, 2010) on at least one day allegedly had a category of “Buckwheat” to refer to African-Americans? Does one frame it in terms of reiterating yesterday’s news that the Jeopardy Board had categories entitled “pickle smokers” and “creatures” that alleged to be relating to gays and lesbians?

A FAM took a picture of the Jeopardy Board while it was in the Orlando office and says there were categories like “Pickle Smokers,” which would have gone after anyone who was gay, and categories like “Buckwheat” and “Our Gang” targeting African Americans.

Does one frame it in terms of a Federal Air Marshal alleging that an armed FAMS supervisor literally slept on the job while flying?

In an EEO suit against the agency, a FAM alleges the assistant special agent in charge of the Tampa office, James Zloto, was asleep while he was giving what’s called a “check ride” and acting as a backup on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta. An exhibit in the suit shows Zloto with his eyes closed, his head tilted back and mouth open on the flight.

Does one frame it in terms the how the Federal Air Marshals’ management is alleged to be filled with people ill-trained for the job?

These federal agents blame the managers in the agency, who they say have a pre 9/11 mentality and mind. They say they are the ones who allowed 9/11 to happen.

…According to the FAMs, the double dipping Secret Service agent managers know nothing about air safety. They point to the fact they did not go through the rigorous two and half month anti-terrorist training that federal air marshals undergo.

Does one frame this in terms of how these allegedly ill-trained supervisors fill flights instead of more well-trained agents?

However, the air marshals say the managers often will work an international flight, bumping off a qualified agent, in order to get a free flight to a choice destination.

This article and video are beyond an easy framing of one or two salient points.

Watch the video. Read the story. Tell me how safe you feel about flying after watching the video and/or reading the story; tell me how comfortable you are knowing Federal Air Marshals are accusing their supervisors that allegedly refers to gays, lesbians and African-Americans by epithets, as well as supervisors alledgedly discriminating against a transsexual Federal Air Marshal who is serving her country to help keep the flying public safe.

I know I’m not feeling safe or comfortable at all about flying at this point.

And for President Obama, I’d like to here his take on the “pickle smokers,” “creatures,” and “Buckwheat” language allegedly used by FAMS/TSA supervisors, as well as hear his take on why his administration’s gender identity related federal workplace protections apparently don’t seem to apply to one trans Federal Air Marshal.



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