Orly Taitz – The Birther Energizer Bunny

This is kind of a companion piece to my post this morning. This morning I was talking about how it is a very American thing to bull through, even when the odds are stacked against you. This is can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. As a prime example, we have Orly Taitz.

You might remember Ms. Taitz, she is the Russian immigrant from Israel. She is a dentist and a lawyer, given all three of those factors you can see how she might be considered a stereotypical American. She is also a bat-crap crazy Birther.

Ms. Taitz, after being slapped around pretty good for filing frivolous law suits on behalf of service members on the theory that the President could not order them to do anything since he is not a citizen (her delusion, not mine) in Georgia has moved on. Not that she has paid the $20,000 fine (a huge fine from any judge) or admitted that she was wrong. No, not our Orly!

She has moved on to a different court. TPM is reporting that she has now filed suit in DC District Court, Dr. Orly Taitz v Barack Hussein Obama. That’s right boys and girls, she is going directly at the President, insisting that he show his birth certificate to prove his eligibility to serve.

From the TPM story:

It also alleges that Attorney General Eric Holder has ignored her allegations and calls to the Justice Department — a "game of hide and seek," she says, that’s "infantile at best and treasonous at worst."

You know you are dealing with a bad lawyer when they through around a treason charge. Treason is a really high standard. You have to either have two eyewitnesses or confess in open court to be convicted of treason. Still, when folks want to be hyperbolic it is right up there with comparisons to Nazis and Stalin for popularity.

Now, having had one Federal District Judge hammer her into the lawn over this issue. If want all the details you can read my post at this link

It seems me that she will get even less leeway from the DC District Court. It is not as if that court does not have enough work without crap that has been settled by the Supreme Court. If you were not following this a year ago the Supreme Court refused to grant an emergency stay to prevent the President from being sworn in. They also refused to hear the appeal demanding the birth certificate be produced. This essentially means the High Court has exactly zero doubts about the Presidents qualifications to serve.

Still, Dr. Taitz will bull ahead. It seems likely if she does not adopt a more temperate tone (she called the last judge who thwarted her insanity a traitor) she will be sanctioned by one court or another and then put up for a disciplinary hearing in the California Bar Association.

Not that this worries Doc Taitz, not even a little. She has another cunning plan, she is thinking of running for AG or Secretary of State in California! Here is what the OC Weekly (Old Doc Taitz local paper) reported from a blog posting of hers:

Several of my supporters have recommended that I run for an office of the Secretary of State of Ca or Attorney General. As a secretary of State or attorney general I will have standing to try in court issues that were tabu to all of us as individuals. Here is a situation:

1. we don’t need 50 secretaries of state or 50 Attorney Generals suing Obama. If only one sues and gets discovery, we are done

2. in CA the democrat running for this office is an incumbent Deborah Bowen, who was worthless, didn’t check Obama’s records, and whom I sued on behalf of ambassador Keyes in Keyes et al v Bowen et al and on behalf of vice presidential candidate Gail Lightfoot in Lightfoot v Bowen. I reached the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts decided to hear the case in the conference of all 9 justices on January 23, 2009. On January 21st, right after the inauguration somebody erased the case from the docket. they re-entered it on the 22nd and during the conference on the 23rd decided not to proceed with oral argument. Later, when I talked to Justice Scalia, he didn’t remember anything about the case.

3. Republican running for office is Damon Dunn, who admitted to never even vote until last year. He was a football player and later he was in real estate. The only reason he was endorsed so far, is because he is an African American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show diversity. He admits to having no knowledge or experience with law, elections or election law

4. In terms of the office of the Attorney General, incumbent Jerry Brown is not running. From both parties we have state legislators, who termed out and are looking for a new seat to warm. Considering billions of dollars of debt in CA, all of the state legislators are lousy.

5. I will need to raise 3-4 thousand dollars to start with, probably I will need about 100,000 from start to finish

6. I will need to set a separate account, I will need a campaign manager, volunteers.

I need your input. you can e-mail me at put running for office in the heading

The crazy here is so thick I cannot even respond. Just one little delusion I’d like to point out, it costs far, far, far more than 100,000 to run for any state-wide office in California. This just goes to show how insane poor old Orly is. She has no grasp on the law. She has no grasp of politics. She has a very tenuous grasp of reality.

Still, you have to give her some credit. She will not quit. It is a mission with her, and she will keep going until it destroys her. Which it will in one way or another and sooner rather than later.

It has to be really karmikly bad to enjoy watching someone self destruct as much as I am enjoying watching Dr. Taitz (Esq.), but I just can’t help myself. When someone is dumb enough to believe anyone could get to the presidency without being a citizen. When they are unhinged enough to bring forward not one but two forged birth certificates, when there bigotry and rage that a African American sits in the White House and runs the country boils over to the point where conservative Republican Judges fine the tens of thousands of dollars, I just feel like they are getting what they deserve.

The floor is yours.


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