One of the things that have always astounded the Dog is the number of myths or if you like your political commentary neat, lies that surround the Republican Brand. The idea that they are the only ones who can be effective in foreign policy, that they are the tough ones who make the hard choices, that they are the party of fiscal responsibility. These are all lies, damned-able lies.

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It does not take much to find expose these lies, though it seems that most of the traditional media and the American public can’t be troubled to do so. The foreign policy trope is easily refuted by the facts that North Korea now is a nuclear power, that world is no longer willing to listen to us on issues of human rights and torture, that we are involved in two wars, one of which was preemptive and completely our choice.

The meme that Republicans are somehow tough is even easier to disprove. They cower like abused horses anytime there is even the whiff of an attempted terrorist attack. The hysterical shrieks and cries over the Fruit of the Boom bombers attempt to blow up an airliner (which ended with his setting his junk on fire) is a great example of this. Yes, it was a real attempt. No it did not succeed, and no, it was not completely in our control to prevent him from getting on board that Northwest Flight.

Yet you would think from the level of angst the Republicans and their proxies on ClusterFox have spouted that this sad lonely Nigerian kid had destroyed the Statue Of Liberty, while there was an orphans and puppies day tour going on. That they are willing to call for his interment in Guantanamo and his questioning by military interrogators, rather than the more experienced FBI shows just how scared they really are.

Finally, we get to the biggest lie of all, that Republicans are fiscally responsible. This is the most risible of all their lies. The Grand Saint of the Republican Party, President Regan, tripled the national debt during his time as president. In absolute dollars, the criminal President Bush and his All-Republican All-Stars put more debt the nation than any other president did ever. Two wars, two rounds of tax cuts and a massive Medicaid give away to the Pharmaceutical Industry, all unpaid for expect by borrowing piled the debt as far as the eye could see.

Those on the Right could have made an argument that these were all past actions, the Party of Lincoln had turned a corner, made a new start, right up until yesterday. At the State of the Union address, President Obama called for the return of the Pay-Go rules that the Republicans had taken apart in 2002. These rules require the Congress to pay for any new programs by either cutting other programs or by raising taxes to cover the cost. They are a big part of why the Clinton administration was able to eliminate the deficit all together in its last years.

Up until the vote yesterday, four Republicans (Sen. McCain, Sen. Snowe, Sen. Collins and Sen. Voinovich) were on record and campaigning actively for these changes. When it came to a vote, all four and the other 36 of their caucus voted against the rule.

Further, there was a vote to raise the debt limit of the nation yesterday. It is required so there is enough money to spend for the rest of the fiscal year. Can anyone guess what the party of so called “fiscal responsibility” did? You got it in one! They voted No as a group. That’s right boys and girls, 40 United States Senators voted to put the United States in a position where we might not be able to borrow money for any programs, defense, domestic, emergency. Without this legislation, the United States could go into default on its debt, which would re-crash the economy and almost certainly hammer the world into a depression. That is what you get from the ones who are supposed to be better with money, partisanship over the needs of the country.

This is going to be a tough election year. There are a ton of uninformed voters who are pissed off. They are going to think that the Republicans are a choice to the Democrats as long as they don’t know the facts. It is important that we show them what the Republicans really stand for and take the lies that the Republicans tell about themselves apart. If we allow these fools to retake the Congress based on their lies, then the exact same people who have run the nation into a ditch will be back in the drivers seat.

Don’t allow Republican lies about who and what they are to go unchallenged! The Republicans have hung the name "Tax and Spend Democrats" us, but the Dog thinks that is a hell of a lot better than "
Borrow and Spend Republicans"

The floor is yours.

Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

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