Well…Howard Zinn is gone. I hope his passing will somehow energize the ‘talking to ourselves’ elitist (white yuppie) Left. We shall see.

But last night, watching Obama promise us just about everything, another American Icon popped into my head–Muhammad Ali. I was thinking, man, if only it were Ali in his prime (1970s) up there behind that podium. A guy who always delivered on his promises.

Ali would would fulfill the mission started by Jack Kennedy–bring corporate America in line with the times (and humanity), establish a nation based on justice rather than wealth and possessions, stop the wars, the nuclear nightmares, embrace Cuba, Venezuela, and, yes, Iran and North Korea, and help lead the world out of its environmental mess. And no honky-motherfucking CIA/Corporate assassin could touch him–the country would go ballistic. Ah, what a fantasy, Peter. Next you’ll be saying: "I have a dream." Shit.

Well, at least Obama can Float Like A Butterfly. But he telegraphs his punches. He’s throwing the fight. Taking a dive.

Now imagine what Ali would say to the Corporate Boys robbing the bank, fighting health care and alternate energy; plundering the world:

"We’ve been feeling the shocks
And now I’m going to clean your clocks,

If you want to survive
You better cut out this capitalist jive,

I’m going to put you on the ropes
With all the rest of them fat ugly dopes,

And we’re going to clean up this planet
And you’re going to help goddamnit!


Well, along those lines, but much more eloquent.

Anyway, maybe if "the crowd roars" (Cosell), the Bamster might get up off his ass before the ref calls 10. We shall see.

But, if this fight is ‘fixed’ (Michael Colby), and Obama is a one term ‘feel good’ President, I guess during the SOTU address in 2014, I’ll be fantasizing about Bette Davis.

Peter Buknatski
Montpelier, VT.