I’m in love again…

Have you ever been in a yo-yo relationship? I’m in one now. It’s not easy. One minute, love soars and expectations are stratospheric and then out of the blue, Bam! Betrayal and disappointment, and I plummet, dropped like unwanted pounds. Then I wallow and I’m consumed by grief and embarrassment, and I marvel at my foolish naiveté and I swear, God as my witness, never again! How could I have been so foolish? And worse yet, how did I fall for it again? Those smooth words, those beguiling looks and that confidence melts me. And then all is forgiven. I succumb. Hope springs again. The bloom of love feels so good, and the irreplaceable joy of knowing I’m important, and that my thoughts and feelings count. Knowing, I’m valued as a person and my opinion is important is something that’s hard to ignore. It’s no wonder that many of us are fools for love, and feel like fools when fooled again.

Just to clear up any confusion, my relationship is just fine. Its politics that breaks my heart these days and there are times I think our President is a Casanova.

Last night I listened to Barack Obama’s state of the union. Once again it was a hypnotic, enrapturing experience that had me on the edge of my seat. He kicked butt. He scored a 3 pointer from mid court, hit high C, and skated a perfect 10 without breaking a sweat. I try, Lord knows I’ve learned to try to take this man with a grain of salt and a smidge of feigned indifference but one more time, I’m smitten.

Maybe he means it this time.

Perhaps he’s learned a lesson. Maybe he finally gets that it’s his duty to please me and the legion of other progressive liberals and left leaning moderates that allowed him to speak at that podium last night. Maybe he finally understands that wandering eye of his is getting him nowhere, fast. He can flirt with and flatter and capitulate to conservatives until the cows come home, but they don’t want him. They don’t want his “reach” across the aisle. He’s been like a love struck schoolboy trying to woo the head cheerleader. No matter how much rejection he suffers, no matter how much insult that’s laid at his feet and spit in his face, he just seems to go back for more. These good old boys and gals understand and exploit our differences. There are Red States and Blue States and contrary to the President’s high-sounding rhetoric, there are differences. Now that one of the bluest states in the union voted red maybe now, he’s getting it. People have had it with a sponge that fits in to every crevice and tries to accommodate every angle. People respect strength and conviction, and they also understand that at this stage in the game it’s simply a technicality that South Carolina and Northern California share a common national border.

Maybe the President has finally learned that trying to please everyone pleases no one. Maybe he’s been jilted by the Right for the last time. Maybe he’s been publicly embarrassed once too often and by association, embarrassed me as well. Let’s hope so, because God, I still love that man, and I’m still willing to take him back and give him one more chance.

Dressing down 7 of the 12 chowder heads of the Supreme Court? Be still my beating heart. Taunting the do-nothing party of Lincoln? Daring them not to applaud the stated refusal to be second to any other country? Daring them to sit on their butts and scowl as his soaring vision of America brings the rest in attendance to their feet? And did you see the tragedy of recently elected Bob McDonnell of Virginia? The poor man was reduced to yammering about his boys love of sports and his daughter’s stint in the military. Strong work, Bob, but what did you think of the President’s speech?

I’ve been depressed about the direction of this country and the lean to the right. In these difficult times, that’s just plain sad. It tells me that the politicians, but more importantly the electorate that elected them have become more cynical, more selfish, more self-absorbed and meaner than ever.

If ever we needed action to match words, it’s now Mr. President. We desperately need the hope you promised, not just the promise of hope. I think you’ve been given another chance. Just do it. You’ll get results. And the next time some knucklehead blathers about the U.S. having the best health care in the world? Quietly and in a dignified manner, inform that uninformed fool by saying,

“You lie.”

And Mr. President, following through on the promise to repeal “don’t ask don’t tell” will seal the deal. You may then officially have my heart again.

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