It’s time to visit Freeperland. We haven’t stepped into the swamps for a while, and here’s what’s fetid smell is emitting regarding the prospect of DADT being repealed. The Log Cabin Republicans, already in the doghouse with the knuckledraggers for being homos, have enraged them for supporting DADT repeal. First, an excerpt of the LCR statement on DADT:

Log Cabin Republicans national spokesperson Charles T. Moran, comments: “President Obama is more concerned about protecting the rights of terrorists than he is about the rights of gay and lesbian Americans who are putting their lives on the line every day fighting to preserve peace and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who operate small businesses that are the backbone of the American economy.”

President Obama in his address Wednesday night specifically advocated for a repeal of the discriminatory ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, which he has reiterated on several occasions both as a candidate and as the President. In an alarming contradiction to his stated public policy position, President Obama has instructed his Justice Department to fight the only lawsuit in modern times challenging ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ of which Log Cabin Republicans is the sole plaintiff.

“Again, President Obama calls on Congress to do one thing, yet he instructs his Administration and his Justice Department to take the opposite action. Which way is it, President Obama?” comments Moran.

And the swampes erupted.

Actual Freeper Quotes

No fags in my military. We did not like them back then and the troops don’t want to share showers and rooms with them now.

It appears as though the leftwing, liberal ‘RAT kooks have finally taken over the Log Cabin “republicans”.

Look at Mitt Romney’s own letter to the Log Cabin Republicans in 1994. Now he is a major Republican candidate for President.

“One issue I want to clarify concerns President Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t pursue” military policy. I believe that the Clinton compromise was a step in the right direction. I am also convinced that it is the first of a number of steps that will ultimately lead to gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation’s military. That goal will only be reached when preventing discrimination against gays and lesbians is a mainstream concern, which is a goal we share.” Sincerely, W. Mitt Romney

I seem to recall the UCMJ laws do not permit this practice. This is typical of liberals; long held laws that stand in their way are either eliminated or bent to their own purposes.

Isn’t it ironic how groups that represent a minor percentage of the population are always demanding this and that. It’s getting to be ridiculous such as Illegal Aliens Rights groups demanding watering stations in the desert for illegal crossers. Maybe it’s time the majority of us start demanding what we want. For example, suppose the majority of white working males demanded an end to minority preferential treatment in job promotions in this country and then walked off the job for a week when they didn’t get what they wanted.

Another problem is the risk of introducing HIV into the blood supply. The FDA strictly bans all homosexuals from donating blood anywhere in the USA because of their increased risk. BO wants to now pump homosexual blood into the critical combat transfusion supply. That is pure insanity.

Gomer says “Hey”.

Gay Republicans. Now there’s a demographic with DOZENS of voters!

those of us who have served knwo this is a big mistake and will cause all sorts of problems

what’s next homo parties on base

homo pride parades on base

ignoring two homos having sex in a shower

if a homo gets a charge against him then the homo groups will say he is being picked on.

homo has a fight with a normal guy and we all know we fight with each other as tempers flare in the marines and army sometimes and we fight but drink together after, now what if I have a fight with a homo and then he states I beat him because he is a homo

will a homo officer give a promotion to his homo friend

those wanting this have forgot that this is women wanting to insert their penis into another mans ass plus they have never served .

they have no idea what it is like in the military and how we act, this is not civvy street where we should all get along this is the military where honesty is much more clear

there is so many problems

But wait, there’s more slime oozing below the fold.

Wonder when the first lawsuit will be filed demanding a free sex change operation for some mentally deranged soldier?

agreed maybe millions of us march to DC and camp there until he steps down and his radicals too. we have a few small groups representing a small % of the population getting what they want while we get told to piss off and be told off at his speeches

Everyone going to CPAC make sure you congratulate their homosexual activist sponsor “GOPROUD” on this huge win for them.

I don’t think that they took anything over-they were there second they were embraced under the “big tent” movement. All they needed was their nose under the tent and the right moment to make their move.

They will become a protected class within the military more than they are now. We’ll see congressional outlays for additional military construction of two man queer barracks rooms sooner or later in order to placate them and keep other troops from harassing them. This move also threatens retention rates more than multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan ever will. This is a really stupid move, but then we have a boy as CINC who’s never worn a U.S. military uniform a day in his life.

We did not like them back then and the troops don’t want to share showers and rooms with them now. I have no problems with homosexuals in the military. The military is filled with them and I personally shared an open barracks with a half dozen. Everybody did their jobs and personal lives were conducted off base…………nobody cared. So any claim that homosexuals in the military leads to a decrease in morale is bogus………..

In fact, my experience in the military shows me that politics, social issues, race and sexual identity all take a back seat to mission objectives and comaraderie…………

Just keep in mind that the same arguments against homosexuals in the military were also to a certain extent once used against blacks………and those proved bogus also.

Let’s see we already have rampant pregnancy so let’s exacerbate the destruction of our military by encouraging and protecting open homosexually. Heck if we are going to go down in flames let’s really go down in flames. We have completely lost our minds in this nation.

For me it’s pretty simple: I consider any group that wants to weaken the US Military to be my enemy.

“It’s deliberate undermining of our military by the Leftists. They hate the military, and they hate the military professionals. The Leftists are siccing their pink, perfumed undies brigade on them. What could be more devastating to morale?” Doesn’t quite fit on this thread, but is close enough.

Why not.. Goons(lezzies) and Dracks(packers)..

There’s always negative consequences whenever the Democrats get involved.

It’s already legal – practitioners are just required to keep it a secret from their superior officers and fellow service members. This is an astoundingly idiotic policy. If you have trouble grasping why, just imagine if the military had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for adherents of the Muslim religion (any and all brands).

There are already gay people in the military. That being said, I don’t think they the question needs to be asked, or not, etc.

It weakens the US military when it kicks out competent people who have language skills that are desperately needed and in short supply. Many of the jobs requiring these languages are stateside jobs that don’t involve living in barracks. They involve working in an office translating intercepted communications. I don’t want Americans – including American military service members – getting killed because our intelligence translators are months behind in translating intercepted communications, because needed staff has not been hired and has been let go, due solely to what their preferred sexual activities are in their personal, off-duty time.

what about a guy soldier and a girl soldier having sex in the laundry room? Is that not disruptive?

you said a guy soldier and a woman

well that is not disgusting as it is normal two men wanting to stick their penis up each others ass is not normal and they need mental help thinking it is

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding