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What did you think of the speech?

For my money, it was too kumbaya and not enough brass tacks, but that’s what I usually think about Obama’s speeches.

I did like this, though.

So let me start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight. At the beginning of the last decade, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. That was before I walked in the door.

I wish he would’ve just said this directly to the Republican side, again and again for an hour.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan