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Republican SOTU Response Liveblogging

Having taken a peek at the copy, it looks like Bob McDonnell’s main focus will be on unemployment which, as we all know, is caused by taxes, regulation, lawsuits, deficits, environmentalism, and government.

McDonnell will also speak fondly of: The GOP’s love for bipartisan cooperation; improving health care by making it harder to sue incompetent doctors (also, the magic of the free market!); ineffectual government; Drill Baby Drill; the Afghanisurge; and treating terrorists as unlawful combatants.  The FDL backstage crew and I will speak… somewhat less fondly of him.

My deepest, most sincere apologies if I’ve spoiled any surprises.

Eli: Look!  Minorities!  And women!  We are totally diverse and stuff!

Eli: “Jobs are awesome.  Some people do not have them, and that is bad.”

Eli: Is it just me, or is he trying a little too hard to pose heroically?

Thers: I like how they tastefully scattered the brown people behind him. Like sprinkles on the vanilla cone!

Eli: I sure do love how Republicans suddenly got religion about deficits.  I thought Bush/Cheney proved they don’t matter.

bmaz:  Couldn’t they have gotten Mark Sanford to hike the response trail?

Eli: See, he did say Republicans like cooperation!  I didn’t just make that up!

Scarecrow: Time to restore the proper limited role of government at every level. That will show those banks!

Eli: A titter at Twitter.

Gregg @Thers: Those seem to be the only two “sprinkles” in the whole five gallon carton.

Thers: This is weird as hell. The tumultuous applause for banalities is the kind of thing you see in late night infomercials. I like the ShamWow guy better.

bmaz:  Nice helmet of hair the dude has; must go to Blago’s barber.

Suz: this guy is boring and is not comfy reading off the teleprompter

Scarecrow: now is the time to lower energy prices, by subsidizing the capital costs and risks of nukes!

Suz:  not seeing many happy faces in that crowd of campaign supporters pretending to be his audience

Eli: Afghaniquagmire is AWESOME!

Thers: Oooh, boldly thanking the troops. That’ll make headlines.

bmaz:  I miss Booby Gindoll

Eli: Of course, everything Republicans say about business and employment makes a lot more sense when you translate “jobs” back into “profits.”

Thers @Scarecrow: On the other hand, Virginia’s vast offshore oil reserves will satisfy all of America’s energy needs for three very satisfying minutes.

Scarecrow: We should not overregulate those banks, because that will inhibit their ability to attract new derivative traders.

Eli: Oh yeah, Republicans have done a bangup job at protecting innocent human life.

Scarecrow @Thers — well there’s enough hot air in this speech to power a hundred offshore wind turbines.

Gregg: Looking at this guy is giving me weird ’60s TV sitcom flashbacks. I keep waiting for the canned laughter.

Eli: Heh, even wingnut Brian Williams pointed out the carefully coordinated rainbow of diversity behind him.

Thers @bmaz: I will remember that speech forever. When does the Republican response go live again…?

Scarecrow: Hurray!  He’s done.

Suz:  did he say his daughter was available *wink wink*