Prop 8: Perry v. Schwarzenegger – Day Twelve (Part 2)

prop.large[Ed. Note: FDL has complete team coverage of Perry v. Schwarzenegger–including more legal analysis, court documents, videos, and liveblogging direct from the federal court in San Francisco. You can find it all on our dedicated Prop 8 page.]

We will resume at five minutes (past?) the hour with David Boies’ cross examination of David Blankenhorn.

Boies: Did you agree with this document that marriage has six importnat dimensions?

A: Yes I did

Q: The first is that it is a legal contract
A: Yes
Q: whether hetero or samesex, it would be a legal contract
A: Yes
Q: The second dimension is financial. Same for hetero ansd ss”?
A: yes
Q: marriage is a sacred promise?
A: YEs
Q: Sexual union?
A: Yes
Q: Personal bond?
A: Yes
Q: Family-making bond? Does this sixth dimension mean only two people or a way of establishing children?
A: I’m afraid — can you repeat?

Q: let me break it up. This sixth dimension is that it is afmaily making bond. When two marry they make a family, right?
A: Yes
Q: whether same or opposite sex?
A: Yes
Q: Can both ss and opp raise children in a family=making bond?
A: Yes sir, the important word is the word raise.

Q: In that connection, let me ask you to turn to Tab 9. PX2898, articel in Social Sceince Quarterly: Same Sex Marriage & Negative Eternalities.
A: I am looking at this for the first time.
Q: Do you know either of these authors?
A: Not familiar
Q: You don’t know any of theri worwk?
A: Can’t say I do.
Q: Your honor take judicial notice?
OBJECTION (or question)

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