Preview of Prop 8 Trial Day Eleven

Today, Plaintiffs’ Counsel David Boies will continue his cross-examination of Defendant-Intervenors’ expert witness David Blankenhorn. We will see if Mr Blankenhorn has become better acquainted with his ‘listening ears’ as Judge Judy says to unruly folks in her courtroom. We will also see if Mr Boies has a better time obtaining answers to his cross exam questions in the format he prescribes. And we’ll see what Judge Vaughn Walker does to help wrap testimony up by lunchtime, as that appears to be his goal today.

Tune in to Liveblog Number 46 when we begin in court this morning shortly after 8:30am pacific time. This will likely be the last testimony in the case; Mr Cooper will attempt to rehabilitate his expert witness after Mr Boies’ cross. And then we will take a break while Judge Walker reviews the voluminous exhibits and eleven days of testimony, to resume at a later date for closing arguments from plaintiffs’ counsel, defendants’ counsel (possibly) and defendant-intervenors’ counsel.

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