Maghferat Samimi, the local head of AHRO, documents her cases in a photo album. It contains images of infant girls and boys, mug shots of rapists and a picture of a naked body burnt salmon pink around the breasts.

“It’s getting worse because there is no law. There are rules, but no one is following them,” she said.

“People were 100 per cent happier under the Taliban. Okay, there was some fighting and people were poor, but they accepted the law.”

Source: Afghanistan’s women – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition

The article in "diplo" and it’s accompanying photogallery are well worth your while reading.

Exactly the same process – albeit to a lesser degree took place and continues to take place in Irak. When you invade a country and kick over it’s laws vulnerable groups such as women and children get it in the neck.

Note to all you nice feminist liberal intervenionists out there. Spare us the self-serving hypocritical garbage about how the troops need to stay to liberate Afghan women.