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The Sky Isn’t Falling, We Are.

Why get up in arms re. a spending freeze and it’s impacts. Seriously, the freeze/cuts are miniscule when taken in the context of the entire budget. Sure, there will be some impact to middle/lower earners in society but I don’t think that’s why people should be up in arms.

We should be up in arms because they’re ( again ) targeting the wrong socio-economic strata in how to deal with spending. I get so tired of fighting these balloons the administration keeps floating in hopes to sneak some ill-concieved assault on the very middle class they claim to be trying to aid. Cadillac taxes, spending cuts, etc… I mean, who the **** do they think we are? Mega-banks? We’re not made of money and after being financially gored by the mega-banks risk taking we’re again being asked to foot the bill wall street excesses have generated.

Want to be a budget hawk Mister Obama? Repeal the Bush tax cuts… That will give you some cash to work with. Want to start actually making headway on deficit reduction? Remove tax breaks for corporations that make use of offshoring. How about actually collecting the taxes owed by removing tax havens/cheats and loopholes? Instead of cutting deals with people who owe millions for tax evasion, how about you collect on every penny? In other words, how about you get those who have benefitted from our great nation to pull their own ****ing weight instead of letting the hogs drain the trough.

We need someone fighting for the majority of the American people. Mister Obama better get to work( and SERIOUSLY, not just placation mode ) or he , and his party will get bitch-slapped come this next election cycle.

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