WAHINGTON, D.C. In an effort to outflank his own extreme right wing advisers and ultra-rich campaign contributors, the president’s latest gambit is to make us "make him do it" (h/t FDR).

And it is our fault, my brothers & sisters. We have not been doing enough to make BHO enact comprehensive policies that renew and reinforce a viable sustainable working-class model.

Here is a partial list of things we have neglected to do:

Stubbornly, some of us insist on remaining employed.

The rate at which families are doubling, tripling, or quadrupling up into single-households is not impressive. C’mon, people; you’re not trying!

We have passively maintained too much social order. Only when civil unrest breaches the defenses of gated communities and Xe bodyguards will we signal our "seriousness."

There are many more things we could be doing to "make" the president fix the dysfunction in our nation. Let’s get busy, folks!

Otherwise, BHO will have to conjure up some more crazy ideas to make us force his hand. (Debtors’ prisons? Oh, and Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid: I’m looking at you!)

Gordon Ginsberg

Gordon Ginsberg