I’d love to hear anyone vote in the comments about which path they’d prefer:

Path #1: Freeze or cut spending on programs like farm subsidies and NASA. The actual cuts will be miniscule compared to the overall budget, but this will allow Obama to proclaim loudly and often that he has enacted a responsible "Spending Freeze" in his budget. This will placate some middle of the road voters, and a lot of middle of the road legislators. By placating them, he will keep his political capital and spend it on a jobs bill and a myriad ways to help the middle class. Unemployment will go down and living standards will go up. Obama will get re-elected.

Or, would you prefer this:

Path #2: Obama stands tough against cutting anything in the budget, including farm subsidies, NASA, etc. Middle of the road legislators start to abandon Obama, and bring their voters with them. Amid ludicrous deficit worry, he’s unable to pass any significant jobs bill. Unemployment keeps going up, and in a few years, we inaugurate President Palin.

I’m honestly interested to hear which path you prefer, or if you think the way I’ve outlined the situation is inaccurate, please tell me why.