All the debate about "sidecar reconciliation", "the freeze", etc. is all very important stuff. But this is the ball to keep your eyes on during this election year:

… Poll: American public fed up with Washington
70% say government isn’t working well; Obama approval back at 50%

Mark Murray
Deputy political director
WASHINGTON – As President Barack Obama prepares to deliver his first State of the Union address Wednesday night, he will be speaking to an American public that’s fed up with Congress, the country’s two main political parties, and the federal government, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Only 28 percent believe the federal government is “working well” or even works “okay,” versus seven in 10 who think it’s “unhealthy,” “stagnant” or needs large reforms …

What’s more, a whopping 93 percent believe there’s too much partisan infighting; 84 percent think the special interests have too much influence over legislation; nearly three-quarters say that not enough has been done to regulate Wall Street and the banking industry; and an equal 61 percent complain that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress aren’t willing to compromise …

These numbers spell D-O-O-M for incumbents. Only 16 percent of respondents think that special interests DONT have too much impact on legislation. Only 28 percent of people – 1 in 4 after the Democrats took power with a message of hope and change! – think the Federal government is working for us. And the country is united in its belief that the two-party partisan problem has gone too far. That is the same percentage of people nationwide as the percentage of African-Americans who voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election. The country is as united in its belief that the partisan bullshit has gone too far as black people were united in their support of Obama’s candidacy.

I say again: D-O-O-M for incumbents. DOOM.

Seymour Friendly

Seymour Friendly

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