As House Minority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina says, most Americans are sick and tired of the kind of loaded language used by his state’s Republican Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who last week compared helping poor people to "feeding stray animals."
Clyburn noted that Bauer rhetoric — particularly his his reference to "breeding" — was rooted in an era that most people in this country want to leave in the past.

Poor People is Republican Code for Dark People. The Bible says that which you do to the least of my Brothers is that which you do onto me.
To Bauer and his South Carolina crowd we are not human we are not Brothers so the Bible does not apply to us.

The GOP it must be noticed has an African American as Chairman will Michael Steele do anything about this or is he just a Good Uncle Tom?

Bauer says giving money to poor people is like feeding stray animals, fine then by your logic Bauer South Carolina is a Welfare State you get $1.35 for every dollar you send to the Federal Government.

I want a refund after all I don’t see why my tax Dollars should go to helping Red States. I don’t know why you want handouts from Dark People.
I want the Welfare State of South Carolina to pay the Federal Government at least a Dollar for every Dollar it gets from the Federal Government.

As far as poor people breeding to much tell me Bauer are you jealous:)
Because not only are the Dark People breeding but we are better learned in the Bible than you a fact that a Family Values Politician like you should be ashamed of.

Apparently we also know more about your State Budget than you do:)

I think you appeal to hate to keep people divided so that they fight each other instead of fighting you for your job.
Its only with Connections, Set Asides for the Rich and Powerful that such an Obviously UnEducated man like yourself could ever become Lt. Governor.

Tell me can a man who has no compassion for others truly be said to have a soul? We are our Brothers keeper Bauer and in these troubled economic times we can all fight for scraps or we can all share what we have and try and get through this Recession together.
Who will America listen to You or US I wonder?

We have spent Billions for war, Billions for banks now lets spend billions getting everybody good paying jobs.



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