Prop 8: Perry v. Schwarzenegger – Day Eleven (Part 1)

prop.large[Ed. Note: FDL has complete team coverage of Perry v. Schwarzenegger–including more legal analysis, court documents, videos, and liveblogging direct from the federal court in San Francisco. You can find it all on our dedicated Prop 8 page.]

Plaintiffs’ Counsel David Boies continues his cross examination of Defendant-Intervenors’ Expert Witness Kenneth Miller. Then D-I Counsel David Thompson conducts redirect of Miller. After that, we’ll see David Blankenhorn testify for the D-Is, with possibly cross and redirect. Judge Vaughn Walker has scheduled to finish today; we’ll see if that will happen. We’re not aware of courtroom time reserved beyond today for this case.

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As previously noted, we expect there will be no closing arguments for several weeks, as Judge Vaughn Walker has asked for time to review the testimony and voluminous exhibits before hearing counsel’s closing arguments.

Walker: Good morning, ready to continue?
Boies: Yes

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