It seems that the incomparable James O’Keefe, the twenty-something righty True Believer whose questionably edited “sting” videos of ACORN have already landed him in legal hot water, has struck again. This time, the adenoidal nincompoop was attempting, with three of his equally dumb playmates, to tamper with the telephones in the New Orleans office of Senator Mary Landrieu. Landrieu? I guess for a guy like O’Keefe, she looks like as much of a commie as any other member of the “Democrat” party, so why not? Who’s next? Joe Lieberman?

Anyway, O’Keefe was so tied up in trying to become the next Octomom, that he didn’t bother with checking into the potential ten-year sentence such a crime carries, and was able to round up three other geniuses, one of whom is the son of Republican Acting US Attorney William Flanagan, to dress up as telephone repairmen and blunder into a federal office building and… get this… when questioned, say they left their credentials “in the van.” Or something. Why not? They had hard hats and tool belts, and even a fluorescent vest or two. They never suspected, apparently, that sometimes FBI agents are lurking around such places, and that’s where their troubles began.

The best part of this is that now all the right-wing media, from Michelle Malkin to Pajamas Media, are sniffily tut-tutting such amateurish pranks, not because they suddenly realize O’Keefe has been a fraud all along, but because they realize what damage this could do to their own, uh, credibility. By evening, expect FOX to have declared the whole thing part of an Islamofascistcommielibrulmedia conspiracy to silence the latest, greatest “investigative reporter” the right has yet to produce. You see, up until this afternoon, O’Keefe was considered a shoo-in to win CPAC’s “prestigious Reagan Award,” for his ACORN “exposes,” and Andrew Breitbart and the whole FOX lineup had hailed him as the second coming of… something. That sort of adulation can go to your head if you’re a righty that has utterly given up on getting laid any other way.

Well, O’Keefe’s chances of scoring won’t improve, at least in the way he’d like, in federal prison, and O’Reilly, Breitbart, et al are going to have a tougher and tougher time finding anyone so audaciously stupid and addlepated to do their “work” for them in the future. Even more hilariously, this bunch is bringing up Nixon’s similar but comparatively professional shenanigans, something that had slipped their minds for the last decade or so as Bush indulged in nearly all of them. Pat Buchanan, he of the proposed Brookings Institution firebombings back in the day, was even brought on to chat with Chris Matthews to share his “expertise” in this drearily familiar area of Republican politics.

It’s funny… Even as the Democrats squander their mandate kowtowing to Republican memes, methods, and propaganda, the Republicans manage to go them one better and remind us all what pathetic and lawless authoritarians they are, and we are once again reminded how shoddy reporting, questionable means, and zero fact-checking can blow up in the pancaked faces of our idiotic media when they shower ridiculously obvious charlatans with undeserved adulation and celebrity, solely because the targets are supposedly “liberal,” and conservatives can do no wrong.

Won’t someone on the right “please think of the children?” One of yours just got left behind.

(h/t to Hag reader sysprog for alerting me to this story. Comic relief is in order these days….)