More from the field: Finish reform right and finish it now!

More reports are streaming back from the field about Members of Congress getting the message to finish health reform right and finish it now.

In Florida, they’re getting the message:

In Missouri, they were getting the message out:

And in St. Louis, Rep. Carnahan is getting the message as well, as labor leaders meet with him in his home offices:

In North Carolina, Congressman Price sat down with citizens to hear the message:

In Virginia, Senator Webb is getting the message:

In Seattle, WA, everyone is getting the message:

Today in Washington, DC, I’ll be out protesting the corporate lobbyists and sending this same message to Congress and the White House. If you’re in town, join me at noon today! Details here.

Stay tuned for more from the events as they come in!

(also posted at the NOW! blog)

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