Photojournalist Zoriah has posted powerful images on his website, and writes:

Refugee camps are literally on every block and public parks have become make-shift homes to thousands.  Families construct shelters out of flimsy fabric sheets and sleep in the squalor of waste, refuse and dirt, cooking simple meals in the same gutters that must be used as toilets and bathing areas.  In the several dozen refugee camps I visited, I never once saw an aid worker, food supplies, shelter supplies or any form of assistance or education as to how to avoid disease and survive in this difficult situation.  While it is necessary to search for survivors, it is also necessary to take car of those who have survived…

We must continue to pay attention to the situation there and remember that while there is dire and immediate need there, this will not go away after a few weeks of media attention and fund raising. I urge all of you to get involved in any way you can in the effort to help the Haitian people.

And could MSM please stop covering the Scientology PR mission flown in by John Travolta? Yeah he brough in MREs and some doctors (and Mormons) but instead of 70 Scientology “volunteer ministers” could have brought in more real medical personnel who wouldnt have been part of a hype for Scientology recruitment as they try to touch people while saying

Feel my finger

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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