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It’s getting tougher

obama mccain liebermanTo focus on Republicans as being uniquely and tragically mockable (well, and Lieberman).

But one-year after finally toppling waiting-out, the worst President in American History (hey, stage your rally Buchanan people!) by electing at the very worst a hopey-changey center leftest. Well a year in, we’ve lost the hopey, we’ve lost the changey, we long ago lost the leftest — and apparently we’ve lost the center too.

A three-effing-year spending freeze on every thing but our ability to build bigger, better, bombs and stage more occupations of others. The National Security State gets another bonus so that most every actual American gets little security while every non-American gets to worry about the opposite of security. Seems like an idea David Broder could love, like an idea only John McCain and a Republican could have.

Good thing we made that guy President, huh?

Congrats on coming back to the Obama team, David Plouffe — hope you like beating up the people who voted for your guy, he sure seems to. Yesterday the President stated he would rather be a good one-term President than a mediocre two-term President.

Well, Barack, how about a little of each? Because you seem determined to get there.

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