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Entergy The Person Says:

there is nothing to be alarmed about
we’re making some technical adjustments
everything will be fine in a half-life

we’re a human being here for God’s sake
the Supreme Court just said so
a person like us has problems and feelings too

how would you like it if everybody attacked you?
do you want to give us a nervous breakdown
right in the middle of us trying to fix things?

it’s a wonder we’re still able to function
under all the stress of trying to explain to you
our every move as if we were fixing your goddamn toilet!

you wouldn’t treat Joe the Plumber this way
so give us some slack while we do our job
let us concentrate or God knows what will happen

in the meantime we made a new video for you
it’s really nice and we think your kids will like it
you can buy the lead spacesuits in it at any WalMart

Peter Buknatski
Montpelier, Vt.

(Well, if you’ve been following Vermont’s nuclear power plant horror stories, imagine having to treat some goddamn Corporation poisoning people and the environment as a PERSON?!? Don’t we put PERSONS like that behind bars? There’s a name for PERSONS like these corporations–SERIAL KILLER.)

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