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Early Morning Swim: Special Mind-Numblingy Stupid Spending Freeze Edition

Obama_HooverThe reviews are in and President Hoover McCain Obama’s hope and changey spending freeze has not been well received.

  • OpenLeft: “This is Bush-style idiocy.”
  • Americablog: “I guess Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson will think it’s a good idea.”
  • 538: “…on par with John McCain’s “suspending my campaign” gaffe.”
  • Orange Satan: “…unalloyed idiocy.”
  • MyDD: “Barack Obama may as well hold up a big sign that says, “I want Democrats to lose Congress.”
  • Atrios: “We are ruled by idiots.”
  • DeLong: “…a perfect example of the fundamental unseriousness of Barack Obama and his administration.”
  • Digby: “We are all neo-Hooverists now.”
  • Yglesias: “I suspect this initiative was deliberately leaked to progressive bloggers in an effort to get denounced by the left and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.”

Now I know their favorite game over at 1600 Pennsylvania is “Let’s Screw the DFHs.” But now they’re playing “Let’s Screw the Country.”

Heckuva job, Barry.

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan