I wanted to get on the air with someone yesterday and talk about the MCTF (middle class task farce), how its really nothing more than a DLC-crafted attempt to win back ‘the base’. I took a quick look at their goals, and as liberal as they read on paper, what’s being proposed is chickenshit material.

Its all remenicent of Dubya’s tax cuts in 2001. Give the rich BIG breaks while we plebes get to fight over the crumbs. Same thing in 2010, except the looting of our treasury is just out and out blatent. Give the banks 100 cents on the dollar for bad bets on exotic financial casinos, and throw out some cake for the rest of us.

I’m 36 and have never voted for a Republican as I was a believer in the left vs right, D vs R, wars. I now believe that the whole thing is a giant setup to keep the people believing in the system and paying taxes, consuming junk food and products, etc. The Democrats role is to throw out just enough candy to keep us proles from revolt, while the looting escalates into a creshendo of government default. The treasonous act of raising the debt ceiling in the past 20+ years now is a message from both political parties that they intend to bankrupt the Government via borrowing from vasal states and every neocon’s wet dream – China.

I call it Reganonomics because the current policies being put forth by Obama and every administration since Don Regan became sectres during Reagan’s rein of error, has been essentially the same. Further loot the Treasury and give off the illusion of prosperity while driving this great nation into 3rd world status.

The way forward as I see it is twofold. The left and right folks need to form a third party. Call it the liberaltarian party. They need to get on local ballots and work their way up the poltical system. It has to start local and grow from that level. The second would be a national recall effort targeting particular States’ Governors or other statewide held positions. I believe a recall effort could be the catalyst for such a third party as such an election would give an opportunity for a Liberaltarian to
get national/local exposure to the public at large.

The calls for a third party are the loudest I’ve heard in my life. Its time to reach out to the sensible conservatives that are looking to the tea party and say – look we got more in common than we know. Let’s find out just what we agree on, build a patform on those beliefs, and run people for office that will not betray us. Its time to break up with the Pansycrats because they’ve been caught whoring around K street over and over, but like an abused spouse we enable their behavior. I would love to have a liberal talkshow host book both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on a show and have them both take calls or discuss forming a new party.